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Jean-Jacques Lemêtre was aware of a theory of the XVIIth century according to which the tank of a drum was hardly necessary for the sound which it produced. On the fateful question “why not?” », I started to make such a drum. The idea with regard to the Atrides, spectacle of the Théâtre du Soleil for which it was made, was that it should represent a ruined, unearthed drum. The irregular pieces of steel welded to the ring which receives the head of the drum, and the semicircle which supports it, made it possible to give it a stability which I thought important. Jean-Jacques believed that, played very loud, the sound of this drum could move horizontally for an effect that a normal drum (with tank) would not give. Indeed, the sound of King Drum, when played loud, sounds like a thunderclap, with all the sudden violence that it entails. A little in love with my efforts and the spectacle for which it was intended, I began to make a small sculpture for each tightening point of the skin of the drum. Thus were born “Leda”, “The Minotaur”, “The Tribune”, “The Golden Fleece”, “Agamemnon”, among others.

Work designed for the play: “Les Atrides”.