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El Capitan

“Sondoro of Castile, the improbable name of my first equine friend. Despite his pompous name, gentle and well mannered “Sandy” was a very polite horse who would carry his rider, young or old, with perfect ease and great consideration. Despite his tendency to satisfy his curiosity by looking to the South while moving eastbound 

he listened and obeyed. The exquisite quality of his flawless manners would reflect in his riders’ hands, which never moved.

He was beyond reproach, even when he cantered around the course at the horse show while neighing at his favorite stable companion, Toby. Every expectation of him was always satisfied.

And thus, “El Capitaine” is a tribute to his spirit, that of the Spanish riding school — the soul of a dressage horse inside the enormous, kindly, always courteous Sandy.”