As a sculptor, Caroline Lee acquired and mastered a stunning variety of techniques: 

Casting: Sand casting with polymerizing oil, piece moulds and lost styrofoam and lost wax casting for bronze; concrete casting in styrofoam loudly backed with wood.
Drafting: Preparation of models for monumental pieces in relation to site situation.
Environment: Lighting, light pods, planting and soil movements.
Fountain Technology: Choice and installation of pumps and jets.
Machine Tools: Lathe and milling machines (bronze and aluminium).
Metal Construction  Disk and nibbler cutting, bending, hammering, adjusting, surface finishing and polishing.
Metal Welding: Oxyacetylene, stick and tig in steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium.
Sand Blasting: Glass, for sculptural forms.
Stone Cutting.
Study Techniques: Balsa wood, cardboard, styrofoam, wax